Sunday, March 8, 2009

You Da Man!

Ah, you can really melt a girls heart with those prints, Emilio!

Well not these prints... I guess I should be thanking Matthew Williamson, big deal @ Pucci. Correction was a big deal. He left in late September 2008, to focus on his own line which he had been simultaneously working on for quite some time ....hmm, or maybe he was fired for "multitasking" ?

Ahem, some real Pucci creations.

I'm not sure what collections these are from but they are so fantastic!
Spring 2005 RTW is probably my favorite collection so far. Sometimes too much color can be tacky, but Pucci remains so tasteful!

Oh, Emilio.


  1. omg i love pucci!

  2. Darling, love your blog!

  3. I really like the maxi dresses, so fresh and vibrant!