Thursday, October 22, 2009

hold your head up

When I look in fashion magazines sometimes I feel like I’m making a mistake by choosing not to major in fashion design anymore. I’ve shut out the dreamer aspect of my mind and the realist in me says to major in something that will make my money. How artificial, so much for sticking to my dreams! I don’t feel that I’m going to major in something I completely have no interest in (journalism/media writing) because I’ve always loved writing. But that I’ve starting making clothing on my own, I feel empowered to pursue my dreams. UGH I can’t wait until all the college shit is over it is so stressful.. not to mention if I do change my major back to fashion design I’ll have limited college choices since I’m only allowed to stay local(RI,MA, CT, and If I can present my case well enough NY), I don’t have a lot of money for a private school education(a.k.a, RISD is off the list) so yeah I’m kind of overwhelmed.

Some photos from Vogue Germany(:

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